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    Another Microgaming blackjack game using 8 decks is Double Exposure Blackjack. In this version of the popular “21” game, the dealer’s cards are instantly revealed- thus the “double exposure”. You as a player can then make your game decisions relatively easily.

    That being said, being able to see both the Dealer’s cards comes at a bit of a price.

    The payout for a “natural” blackjack (of the two-card variety) is even money, not the 3 to 2 payouts we’re used to.

    The Dealer must hit a soft 17, which gives the house a slight advantage and can try the nerves a bit.

    A big thing to remember with Double Exposure Blackjack is that the Dealer will win all ties except for a blackjack ties- in that case the player wins outright.

    Splitting is permitted up to three times, and you can split Aces. European rules apply when doubling down, which means you can only double if your first two cards total 9, 10, or 11.

    Of course, insurance is not available since you can plainly see what the Dealer has. Not a bad thing, mind you, since we don’t recommend getting in insurance anyway (the winning percentage is a little less than awful).

    Wagering will range from one to 500 credits.

    Double Exposure Blackjack is a fun game that takes just a little getting used to, With Microgaming’s quick play speed (which you have the ability to adjust as necessary) and easy-loading graphics, you’ll be an expert before you know it.

    Overall, this game offers a nice twist to traditional blackjack and is a great “gateway game” into all the variations that Microgaming has to offer.

    The below recommended casinos have Double Exposure Blackjack, as well as several other versions of blackjack, in their arsenal. Try one or all of them on for size- we’re certain you’ll find one that fits.