• Oshi Casino Introduces Build Your Bonus Feature

    04 March 2017

    Oshi casino introduces build your bonus feature

    Bitcoin-based online casinos have been around for a couple of years now, and one of the sites like this that gets the most attention is Oshi Casino. It's recently given players even more of a reason to give them attention thanks to their new Build Your Bonus feature, which is the first of its kind in the industry as a whole.

    How to Build Your Own Bonus

    The goal of this feature is to give players a chance to customize their bonus experience while simultaneously making things more simple and easier to understand. To use this feature, players use a slider-type function to pick from 20 different bonus options that work on a sliding scale for things like bonus size, free spins and more. You can go from getting a 150 percent match and no free spins to picking up 500 free spins with no match bonus for new players.

    Players who already have active accounts can claim reload bonuses as well. These run from 40 percent with no free spins to 0 percent with 80 free spins. There are different minimum deposit levels with these bonuses, and players can choose a variety of different currencies with this feature for their bonuses, despite the fact that Oshi Casino focuses primarily on bitcoin. Along these lines, players can claim a reload bonus every two days or every 48 hours.

    An Innovative Feature

    This is really an expansion of what some online casinos have already been doing for years in terms of letting players choose from a few different bonuses. The problem with that approach is that online slot players still get most of the flexibility and choice, but with Oshi Casino's Build Your Bonus Feature, there's a lot more room for customization and making sure that players are able to get a deal that fits as closely as possible to what it is that they want for their bankroll and overall strategy.

    Any type of customization for players like this is a good thing because it puts players in charge of their own experience. The more casinos do this, the longer they will retain players.


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