• Crazy Vegas Casino Hosts Halloween Cash Dash

    23 October 2016

    Crazy vegas casino

    October is what most people consider the first month of the holiday season, and it's when everyone starts getting ready for Halloween. This is the first major holiday each year of a set that end the current year and start the next one, and Crazy Vegas Casino is giving you a lot to get excited about with a special event. The Halloween Cash Dash event gives you a chance to get paid for playing games that you would have been playing anyway for a ton of spooky Halloween fun.

    How This Promotion Works

    It's kind of morbid, but this promotion at Crazy Vegas Casino centers around the grim reaper trying to catch a bunny rabbit. When he catches it, you'll get a special bonus. The way this works is that your real money wagering will light up different pumpkins, and when you get 10 of them lit up, you activate a checkpoint. There are a total of six checkpoints overall, and each checkpoint that you reach will give you a bonus. You'll need to wager 250 in your currency to light up a pumpkin, and that means each checkpoint requires 2,500 in wagers.

    The pumpkins turn different colors as you make your way through the different checkpoints, and you'll earn more and more money as you proceed further and further.

    The Holiday Season

    The holidays are an extremely important time for the online casino industry. The fact of the matter is that more people have free time during this time of the year, and a lot of them want to spend that time gambling online in their favorite casinos on Internet slots and other types of games. In turn, online casinos have to ramp up the promotions and bonuses to remain competitive, so it's the players who really win overall.

    About Crazy Vegas Casino

    Crazy Vegas Casino is a very well respected online casino that has been running for quite a while. They have a great selection of titles from a variety of genres, and because their promotions are set up so that players at all different levels of stakes can take part and get value, it's the perfect place to play no matter what stakes you're comfortable with or which games you want to play.


    Press Release, Halloween Cash Dash crazyvegas.com, October 8, 2016

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