• Virgin Casino Goes Zombie; Launches New Rewards Program

    25 October 2012


    Virgin Games is haunting it up with the addition of a new Halloween-themed slot game Alaxe in Zombieland. Think Alice in Wonderland, if Wonderland was filled with evil zombies in the likenesses of otherwise beloved characters. And then try to sleep that night. With vampires and werewolves moving down the food chain, zombies are all the rage; win the battle against them in this 5-reel, 25-payline bonus slot with a $98K jackpot.

    This game is available with a limited release, and you can play it now at Virgin Games Casino.

    New to Virgin Casino? You’re in luck! They just released a great new player rewards program called Velocity Rewards, allowing players to reach even higher levels with their earned V*POINTS. The more you play, the more points you earn, the faster you can earn points!

    New Velocity Rewards Levels:

    1. Cheetah: Everyone starts here. Every V*POINT earned is worth x1. (E.g. 1,000 points will generate 1,000 V*POINTS).
    2. Falcon: Every V*POINT is now worth 1.1. (E.g. 1,000 points will generate 1,100 V*POINTS)
    3. Tornado: Accumulate enough V*POINTs and you’ll soon be earning 1.25 points per points played.
    4. Rocket: Things are speeding up pretty quickly here. Reach the rocket level and now you’ll earn 1.5 points. (E.g. 1,000 points will generate 1,500 V*POINTS.
    5. Lightening: What’s faster than lightning? Not much. This top-tier points activator will award 1.75 points for every 1 credit wagered. that get this far will turn their V*POINT worth into 1.75. (E.g. 1,000 points will generate 1,750 V*POINTS)For the latest in casino bonuses and incentives, check out Games and Casino’s Virgin Casino Promotions Page.

    You will collect V*POINTS whenever you play any real money game with Virgin Games, as per the below, taken verbatim from the Virgin Casino Promotions pages:

    • 60 V*POINTS for every £100 wagered on bingo tickets.
    • 10 V*POINTS for every £100 wagered on Slots, Instant Win and Scratchcard games.
    • 7.5 V*POINTS for every £100 wagered on Jackpots.
    • 5 V*POINTS for every £100 wagered on table games (Roulette, Baccarat and Card games).
    • 4 V*POINTS for every £1 of poker rake that you generate.
    • 1 V*POINT for every £100 wagered on Blackjack or Slots with a gamble feature (visit the V*POINTS page for a list of slots with a gamble feature).