• Progressive Jackpots: The Best Way to Win Cash Online

    28 January 2011


    Like winning the lottery, hitting a progressive jackpot at your favorite online casino is a life-changing event that happens in seconds. And, just like with state and national lotteries, you can’t possibly win if you don’t play.

    Online casinos like iNetBet Casino, pile up their progressive jackpots to make their games as enticing (and, let’s face it, as lucrative as possible). With carrots like random jackpots tied in with slot game play, it’s no wonder players keep coming back for more. Who knows what each online slot spin will bring? A $20,000 prize? A $200,000 prize? Or, as in the case of iNetBet’s Jackpot Pinata’s game, a $1.6 million dollar prize?

    Most online slots players feel that random progressive jackpots a level the playing field. Without symbols to root for, players can only rely on being at the right place at the right time. So they click the “Spin” buttons with crossed fingers, hoping for a slice of that mouthwatering jackpot pie.

    iNetBet Casino
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    Online casinos, like iNetBet Casino, proudly display their lists of winners, showing who walked away with tens of thousands of dollars with as little as a $26 deposit. Some players post their screenshots to show off their luck and spread a little joy and the glimmer of possibility to the other players. While there’s no real instruction manual regarding how to win a progressive jackpot, it goes the way of every other game posing a bit of a risk: one way to ensure that you don’t win is not to play.

    Don’t be afraid of games with progressive jackpots. Dabble confidently and let us know if you were rewarded!