• The Money Drop Series Two debuts at bet365

    21 October 2010

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    The popular bet365 Casino proudly announces the debut date for The Money Drop Series 2 game as this Monday, October 25th.

    Based on the immensely popular TV show, The Million Pound Drop, The Money Drop is a heart-pounding crowd pleaser that gives you your total prize at the beginning of the game to see how well you can keep it intact by the end. Based part on strategy and part on luck, you can choose exactly how many trap doors, how you’d like the money split, and how many rounds you can suffer through before you can officially take the money home with you. Keep in mind, the more complicated you make it (more eggs and fewer baskets in more rounds) makes for more money to play with and, of course, more money to potentially lose.

    bet365 Casino
    Accepts all Players
    Except US Players

    As the game begins, you select your parameters and then place your money on the trap door(s) that you hope against hope do not open and eat your cash. If you guess correctly, you can go onto the next round. If you don’t, you’ll get a lovely “Better luck next time”. It’s a simple, yet gut-wrenching game.

    The Money Drop (Series 1)  is currently on Playtech software.  Take a break from the slots and try a refreshing new take on online gaming. Get a feel for The Money Drop (Series 2) when it debuts on Monday, October 25th at bet365 Casino. All new players can collect a 100% welcome bonus!