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    Bingo Entertainment is a fairly small developer of online bingo games. It operates out of an office in Surrey in the U.K. and employs only around 20 staff. Yet despite its small size compared to industry giants such as Microgaming and Playtech, the company has managed to become the chosen online bingo provider for a number of large online gaming sites. These include Bingo Mega, Bingo Gala and Bingo Empire.

    The company has developed an easily integrated online bingo platform, that it licenses to site operates, enabling them to offer Bingo Entertainment developed games.

    General Interface

    The general interface provided by the Bingo Entertainment online bingo platform, has limited functionality. However, this is the norm when it comes to gaming platforms that are intended to be integrated in to an existing site. Other functionality, such as handling financial transactions, is handled by the host site.

    Bingo Games

    What is really surprising, is the sheer number of online bingo games this small developer has released. Currently it maintains a portfolio of over 100 separate online games, including over 30 different bingo games. The company’s flagship product is Club 90. As the name suggests this is a 90 ball bingo game. However, it contains a bit of a twist. Incorporated in to the game is an online slots style set of wheels. These can be spun, if the feature is unlocked, to give a chance at winning increased jackpot pay-outs.

    Web Based Play

    Bingo Entertainment has developed an excellent web based play environment. It uses the entire area of the browser, that ins some games will allow a player to have up to 12 bingo cards active at any time. As anyone who has ever played fast paced bingo will know, 12 cards at a time is pure chaos, and a lot of fun. 

    Instant help is on hand as well, for new players, and the performance even on limited hardware is good.

    Mobile Platform

    Although Bingo Entertainment has not developed its own mobile platform, the bingo games it licenses to other companies, can be easily integrated in to an existing app.

    That being said, when this is done well, all of the Bingo Entertainment games make the transition to mobile format extremely well. The only small downside is that some of the more complex games can look and feel a little crowded.


    Bingo Entertainment is a great little online bingo game developer. Unlike other developers, who make a range of different types of games, a few being bingo, Bingo Entertainment specialises in bingo.

    If you can manage to find an online gaming site that has the full range of Bingo Entertainment games on offer, then you will most probably end up playing at that site for quite some time. With so many great bingo games on offer from Bingo Entertainment, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

    Bingo Entertainment Bingo