• Party Partners - CAP Certification REVOKED

    20 February 2006


    Party Partners Certification Suspended at CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com

    Internet Gaming Property Refuses to Honor Affiliate Relationships

    Las Vegas, NV – 02/20/2006 – CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com (“CAP”) a leading online gaming industry resource, announced today that they are suspending the certification of Party Partners, otherwise known as Party Gaming plc. Party Gaming plc is the proprietor behind the largest online poker website, Party Poker. The move comes in response to the acquisition terms outlined for Empire Online the parent of EmpirePoker.com, a former Party Gaming licensee.

    The $250m acquisition, which was announced on February 15, 2006, includes migrating Empire Poker players to a consolidated platform that no longer honors the affiliate relationship that initiated the player relationship. Under the new terms, affiliates who had participated in the Empire Online affiliate program will receive no compensation or consideration for the thousands of players they acquired for EmpirePoker.com. This is clearly in violation of the terms and conditions they had agreed to with Empire Online whereby they would receive compensation on the sales and value generated by their players for the life of their association with the poker room.

    A company representative posted the following statement regarding the purchase at CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com:

    “Party Gaming has taken a decisive step that consolidates our strong position in online poker and concludes our skins strategy that served us well in the early stages of development of PartyGaming. In a $250m deal, Empire Online has agreed to sell to us EmpirePoker.com and other associated white label and affiliate agreements relating to AceClub.com and StarluckCasino.com.”

    The entire press release is available at www.partygaming.com.

    PartyPartners was well aware that a substantial number of the players at EmpirePoker.com were referred by affiliate webmasters and that an agreement to compensate the affiliates for these players was in effect at the time of purchase.

    Louis Fabiano, the Editor of CAP issued the following statement today, “As a result of this predatory action by Party Partners, CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com is left with no alternative but to suspend their certification at CAP and advise all affiliates to cease promotion of all PartyGaming clients until a satisfactory resolution to this problem can be worked out. Our affiliate webmasters have made it clear that they want a fair compensation plan that recognizes and rewards their efforts as previously agreed upon. It would be relatively easy for Party Partners to transfer all existing players and affiliate accounts to the PartyGaming platform and honor the existing terms and conditions. We are hopeful that PartyPartners will do the right thing and properly include their affiliate partners.”

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