04 November 2006



    Due to the legal pandemonium in the United States, with regards
    to the new “Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act”
    Bill (HR4411), the detainment of several senior online-casino
    representatives in the US, and that given the majority of
    revenue from Slots24 is US based, we have unfortunately had to
    make the decision to close ‘Cash Play’ on Slots24.

    This will allow us to focus on our successful Lottery product
    (www.lottery24.com) and our base gaming system, which would
    allow us to relaunch ‘Cash Play’ on a more solid unified
    platform once the legal minefield has stabilized.

    We are however keeping Slots24 as a ‘Free Play’ site to allow
    for all affiliates that have games pages to continue to benefit
    from our active games content. In addition, we will be adding
    banner capability to the popup screen that occurs every 25th
    spin in ‘Free Play’ mode. You will be able to upload and manage
    your own banners, links and tracking within the Slots24
    affiliate interface (affiliate.slots24.com). This therefore
    allows continued revenue from click-through’s to other casinos
    that you promote through the Slots24 ‘Free Play’ games.

    Should Slots24 reopen ‘Cash Play’ at a later date, all players
    you introduce to Slots24 will remain ‘linked’ to you to allow
    revenue earning thereafter.

    Scheduled roll-out timing:
    13 November 2006:

    • Close deposit methods on SLOTS24.COM and allow players to play out their remaining balances.
    • Launch banner popup management interface.

    27 November 2006:

    • Close ‘Cash Play’ and pay out remaining balances due to players.

    1 December 2006:

    • Payout November affiliate earnings.

    We would firstly like to apologize for the inconvenience that
    this might cause and secondly we would like to thank you for the
    time, effort and patience that you have taken in promoting SLOTS24.COM
    over the last six months.

    If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to give
    me a call on our toll-free numbers. I’m available in the office
    from 7am GMT (2am EST/11pm PST) until 4pm GMT (11am EST/8am PST)
    every week day. If I’m not available, just leave a message with
    support and I’ll get right back to you.

    Keep well,
    Rob and Ipek