• Liquidation of Tusk Investments is currently underway

    21 March 2009


    I’m sure most, if not all of you, know what’s going on with Tusk Investments and their closing down of several casinos and poker rooms that they operated last year. I’m posting this because they’re currently in liquidation and had sent a letter to their creditors, and if you haven’t been paid yet, here’s a point of contact.

    Tusk Investment Corporation
    Email: tusk@ppb.com.au; or
    Telephone: +61 7 3831 2700
    Grant Sparks and Ray Richards
    Joint & Several Liquidators

    I strongly urge you to contact them as soon as possible if you are still owed money from this group. There’s still a chance that you might get paid..

    You can read the full report here.

    The list of poker rooms and casinos that were under their operation are as follows:


    • Golden Reef Casino
    • Nostalgia Casino
    • Challenge Casino
    • Music Hall Casino
    • UK Casino Club
    • iBig casino

    Poker Rooms:

    • Battlefield Poker
    • Royal Card Club
    • Red Nines
    • Artic Poker
    • Raw Poker
    • Poker.ie
    • Daily Poker
    • Flush Draw Poker
    • Will Bet Poker
    • Bet Road Poker
    • Grand Central Poker
    • Off the Rail Poker
    • Privy Poker
    • Berserk Poker
    • Atomik Poker
    • Dave’s Poker Room
    • Hetman Poker
    • Hot Pepper Poker
    • Poker Seas
    • Tiltt AA Poker
    • Loose Games Poker
    • CPT Gaming Poker
    • Ice Bear Poker
    • GoHard Poker
    • Caya Poker
    • Mr Urban Poker
    • Poker Sweden
    • Euro Poker Dream