• Gambling World Shaken!!

    13 February 2008


    The New Year started rather quietly this year, till the news came of arrest, Indictments, and subpoenas, and inquiries. Now that is about to all change.

    Poker Players Alliance continues to sit back and watch as online poker operates on a tightrope, Gambling911.com reveals there is at least one sealed indictment against an online poker operator whom they can not name. Gambling911.com readers are well aware, this “super source” also provided us an absolute potent piece of information pertaining to the indictments of two Neteller officials. The Neteller news was broken by Gambling911.com a full day before the Associated Press picked up on it.

    Gambling911.com works around the clock!” an angry Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of Gambling911.com, snarled. “The PPA seems to have abbreviated bankers hours. Someone needs to put fire under their ***es.”

    Read the FULL article at: http://www.gambling911.com/online-gambling-021308.html

    Americans!!!!! Wake Up!! We are allowing this to happen by not letting our voices be heard!!!