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    05 August 2006



    There is a lot for you to look forward to this August! We are releasing awesome new creative and our latest poker offers are proving to be highly successful. We are also launching something very secret and exciting this month that will mean large profit potential for you.

    Fortune Affiliates Highlights:

    • Get Your Share of the Profit this August

    Casino Highlights:

    • The Top Four Performing Slot Games at Fortune Lounge
    • New Slots Banners – Bars & Stripes
    • Live Large with Vegas Towers

    Poker Highlights:

    • New Poker Offers Achieve Phenomenal Success
    • What’s Important in Winning Poker – Part 3

    General Highlights:

    • Search Engine Optimization Series Part 4 – Keywords

    Get Your Share of the Profit this August
    This August we have a very special surprise for you that will offer exciting earning potential. We are keeping our lips sealed for now, but more details will follow soon. Keep an eye on your inbox!

    The Top Four Performing Slot Games at Fortune Lounge
    Boost your income by promoting Fortune Lounge’s most popular slot games. Here are the top four for July:

    Fortune Lounge
    International Casino Games
    Tomb Raider
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    New Slots Banners – Bars & Stripes
    Give your website patriotic flare with our latest creative! These banners, now available under Media Management and Hot Media, are guaranteed to get your players attention and fatten your wallet.

    Live Large with Vegas Towers
    Take your earning potential to the extreme with Vegas Towers. We are re-launching the Vegas Towers $50 Free welcome bonus with a fresh look and sensational creative that will take its appeal to an electrifying new level. The promo will change from “$50 Bulletproof Bonus” to “LIVE LARGE”. The same great offer with a brand new look.

    New creative will be available from 15 August under Media Management and Hot Media!

    New Poker Offers Achieve Phenomenal Success
    The launch of our latest poker offers has proved to be incredibly successful as both a player acquisition and retention tool. They are now all yours to help you attain awesome profits:

    Buy $20 get up to $1,000 FREE

    Royal Vegas Poker
    100% Deposit Bonus up to $100 FREE

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    Lou Krieger’s Corner
    What’s Important In Winning Poker – Part 3

    Playing winning poker is not a difficult feat, but it does require an array of skills. The good news is that most of the fundamentals can be learnt and you don’t have to be a “gifted” player to win consistently. All it takes is a combination of personality and educated approach.

    Many players rely solely on strategy, but strategy by itself is not enough. All the strategic knowledge in the world will not guarantee success to any poker player. Personal characteristics are equally important. Success demands a certain quality of character in addition to strategic know-how.

    Players lacking self discipline, for example, will have a hard time ever winning consistently regardless of how strategically sophisticated they might be. If one doesn’t have the discipline to throw away poor starting hands all the knowledge in the world won’t overcome this flaw.

    Knowledge without discipline is wasted, and talent without knowledge is merely unrealized potential. They are just seeds, not a harvest. But almost anyone who chooses to work at it can become a good poker player, even if he lacks innate card sense.

    There are some poker players, and it’s no more than a handful, who really do have a genius for the game — an inexplicable, Picasso like talent that isn’t easily defined and usually has to be seen to be believed. But even in the absence of genius — and the vast majority of winning players are certainly not poker savants — poker is an eminently learnable skill. Inherent ability helps, and while you need some talent, you really don’t need all that much. After all, you don’t have to be Van Cliburn to play the piano, Picasso to paint, or Michael Jordan to play basketball.

    Please contact your Relationship Manager or support@fortuneaffiliates.com if you think your site warrants Lou Krieger articles.

    Search Engine Optimization Series
    Search Engine Optimization Series Part 4 – Keywords

    Keywords can be targeted or very broad. A general term will drive high volumes of traffic to your site, but targeted keywords will give your site a higher conversion rate.

    To ensure the prompt payment of your monthly affiliate earnings, please keep your banking/payment details up to date and inform us of any changes.

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