• Casino Affiliate Programs - how to choose

    26 August 2005


    There are so many flashy programs out ther promising the moon – picking the ones you want to promote is a daunting task anymore.

    Even large, established affiliates who have been in the business for years have trouble keeping the right properties on their site.

    First of all, you need to be able to trust the program. If they treat players or affiliates badly, chances are they will treat you badly too. Stay away from blacklisted casinos. There is a list of them here: Blacklisted Casinos.

    Now you need to read the Terms and Conditions very carefully. I know it’s a pain in the you know where, but recently there have been so many programs changing their T&C’s and much to the worse, that there are some unpleasant surprises in store for you if you don’t pay good attention here.

    Red flags

    I would avoid programs that have the following clauses:

    1. Clauses that say that you have to send at least one player in a given time period or else! The “else” could be that your contract gets terminated, that you are paid a smaller percentage, that you will not be paid at all until you send players again and more.

    This clause contradicts the usual promise that players are yours for life. It allows the program to take the players you send and then refuse payment if you have a bad month, slip in the search engines, get sick or whatever bad luck may befall you. BEWARE OF THE ONE PLAYER IN A PERIOD CLAUSE!

    2. Clauses that say that all the casinos represented by this program are bundled together for accounting purposes. That means that if you have one winner in one casino, it wipes out all your income at all the casinos. You want a program that accounts for each casino seperately, so if you promote all their casinos and you have a winner in one of them, you still earn money at the other casinos.

    This clause can wipe out all your income month after month. We all want to see winners – we want happy players. You don’t want to be trapped in a program that makes you hope your players will lose. Yopu want to help them to win – winning players are happy players and will come back. There is more profit in winning players than losing ones – unless you are signed with a program that bundles.

    3. Contracts that do not include the words”for life”. You want the contract to spell out that you will own the player’s account for life. That is the only way to make a go of this business in the long run – to accumulate happy players in your account. It is why you will make more money and grow as you go. You build up a player base.

    Contracts that do not spell this out often remove players from your account at will. They usually justify it and say that the player hasn’t come back in such and such amount of time and won’t come back anyway. So why bother to take the player out of your account? I call it stealing!

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