• Affiliate Guard Dog Updates List Of Affiliate Programs With Predatory Terms

    22 March 2007


    Affiliate Guard Dog announced they have completed work on their Terms Alert System (TAS) giving them the ability to track much more than just Terms and Conditions. They hope to have all systems up and running shortly.

    They also announced that their homepage with the list of good and predatory programs has been updated. Currently the affiliate programs with terms and conditions deemed predatory to affiliates are:

    • Casino Coins – extremely predatory – under mediation
    • Casino Partners – not predatory – not recommended
    • Casino Pays – not predatory – potential is there – not recommended
    • Earn United – predatory – not recommended
    • Focal Click – predatory – explanation of terms – recommended
    • Gambling Wages – predatory terms – won’t change predatory terms
    • Partnerlogic – Under Review
    • VIP Profits – predatory terms – Under Review